Why is weight loss ≠ weight loss?

Why is weight loss ≠ weight loss? The essence of losing weight is to lose fat. Only when the body fat rate drops can you really lose weight!
The volume of fat is relatively large, which is an energy storage substance, while the volume of muscle is relatively small, which is an energy-consuming substance, and can consume more calories every day
. Two people of the same weight, those with a high body fat rate are fatter, while those with developed muscles are fatter. People will look thinner, the basal metabolic value will be more vigorous, and it is not easy to gain weight.
If you lose weight, you may lose water, muscle, and waste from your body, so you can’t really lose weight. Only by losing excess body fat can you really lose weight.
Therefore, when I lose weight, I want to pay attention to my body fat percentage. The body fat percentage of girls should be controlled below 24%, and the body fat percentage of boys should be controlled below 20%. What is your body fat percentage?
This body fat scale is very affordable and can help you measure your body fat, water, bone, muscle, visceral fat, etc., so that you can better understand your physical state.


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