Why does weight loss always fail, 3 Weight Loss Mistakes You need know

A good figure is everyone’s pursuit, and a fat body is a burden and a symbol of disease. Obesity makes many good-looking clothes unmanageable, while slender people can wear all kinds of good-looking clothes, and their bodies will be light and flexible, and they will look healthier.

How much effort have you made to lose weight? Many people have experienced losing weight, but losing weight is not an easy thing. Weight loss trains people’s will, but also tests methods. The wrong method may make you lose more and more fat.

Some people ask the editor: Why do you always fail to lose weight, and your body is getting fatter? Maybe you chose these wrong weight loss methods:

Mistake 1. Don’t eat staple food in order to lose weight

Avoiding staple foods can indeed control blood sugar and allow for rapid weight loss. However, not eating staple foods means that the body lacks carbohydrates, and the body will lack metabolic power.

Carbohydrate is an indispensable energy for the body and the origin of life. If you do not eat carbohydrates for a long time, your body will suffer from hypoglycemia, fatigue, anemia, amenorrhea and other problems. Muscles do not have carbohydrates to provide the power index, and they will gradually decompose. Your basal metabolism The value will also decrease accordingly, and the fat physique will patronize you.

Why does weight loss always fail, and the figure is getting fatter?  3 Weight Loss Mistakes I Wish You Didn't Make

When you return to a normal diet, your body will store calories in a famine fashion, convert carbohydrate energy into fat and accumulate, and you will gain weight quickly.

Seeing this, do you dare to refuse to eat the staple food? During weight loss, we can reasonably control the intake of staple food, but the daily intake of staple food cannot be less than 150g to ensure the body’s carbohydrate needs. In order to control the glycemic coefficient, we can combine coarse and fine grains, and use coarse grains instead of rice, Noodles, steamed buns, so that the full time will be longer, and the weight loss efficiency will be improved.

Mistake 2. Irregular meals, one hungry meal and one full meal

In order to lose weight, you skip breakfast, but you overeat for lunch because you are hungry, overeating, skipping dinner, and then you are hungry when you go to bed, so you order a late-night snack. How can you lose weight?

Losing weight does not mean that you eat one meal less, but to eat three meals regularly, so that the stomach can know your eating pattern and operate efficiently. During weight loss, we must reasonably control the daily calorie intake. If your calorie intake was 3000 kcal in the previous day, it can be reduced to 2500 kcal during the weight loss period, creating a reasonable caloric gap for the body and promoting the decomposition of fat.

Then, you can distribute this calorie intake in breakfast, lunch and dinner according to 3:4:3, and do not eat 4 hours before going to bed, which can give the stomach enough time to digest and let you continue to burn fat while you sleep.

Why does weight loss always fail, and the figure is getting fatter?  3 Weight Loss Mistakes I Wish You Didn't Make

Mistake 3: Stop exercising after losing weight successfully

After losing weight through running, many people stop exercising and return to a normal diet. This will undoubtedly reduce the body’s calorie output, and at the same time increase the daily calorie intake, the body will change from a calorie deficit to a calorie surplus, and the body will naturally regain weight and rebound.

After losing weight, it is not a once and for all. We have to maintain the body after losing weight to be considered a success in losing weight. Don’t stop exercising immediately after losing weight. We can reduce the frequency and time of exercise. In terms of diet, we should gradually increase calories by 100 calories every 2-3 days, instead of restoring the correct diet before, so as to reduce the chance of gaining weight.

Why does weight loss always fail, and the figure is getting fatter?  3 Weight Loss Mistakes I Wish You Didn't Make

Finally, we also need to measure our body fat rate and weight every day, monitor our body changes, and make adjustments so that we can maintain a good body.


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