What to do with overly oily skin in summer

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What should I do with overly greasy skin in summer? Summer days are hot, hot life, reach out and touch your forehead, in addition to sweat, there is also a greasy feeling, this is greasy skin. For this kind of greasy skin, many times, some skin care products do not have any effect, so how do we treat it?

woman, beauty, spa

If a person’s skin is oily, then the common state of this skin is full of oil and large pores. The reason for this is that a person’s water and oil are unbalanced, and the thick pores cannot lock in the moisture in the skin very well, that is, oily skin is usually accompanied by dehydration of the skin. In addition, greasy skin usually grows pimples, often has a feeling of dryness outside the oil, and even peels off severely. Well, now that we know the causes and manifestations, it is relatively simple for us to take care of this skin.

First of all, it is the correct cleaning method, when cleaning the facial skin, it is necessary to master the corresponding kneading force and water temperature, and use cleaning to lay the foundation for good maintenance. The absence of a tight feeling on the skin after cleansing is the first condition for cleansing. The sebum layer of people’s skin is its own best natural barrier, it can protect our skin from harm, so when cleaning, it can not be vigorously rubbed and damaged to sebum, so as to maintain the moisturizing ability of the stratum corneum.

Secondly, it is hydration and moisturizing, according to the survey, the reason why people appear greasy skin, the biggest factor is because of the lack of water, of course, too much oil will cover up the appearance of people’s skin dehydration, if you just continue to control the oil, without giving the skin hydration, then the balance system in the body will start, the skin will continue to secrete more oil, in order to supplement the lack of skin surface oil, so that it will form a vicious cycle, The skin also becomes more and more oily.

Of course, in addition to these methods of life, you can also choose the way of medical beauty to quickly and effectively improve this greasy state, such as blackface dolls, blackface dolls are a very advanced skin rejuvenation equipment. Before the black face doll skin rejuvenation, it is necessary to apply a layer of fine black toner on the face, wait for the toner to penetrate deep into the pores, and then use the laser to scan the entire face, the black toner in the absorption of laser energy, can accurately remove the dirt and keratin in the pores, stimulate the regeneration of people’s skin cells, so as to balance the oil, shrink the pores of a good effect. At the same time, the black-faced doll can also stimulate the rapid production of collagen in the skin, so that the elastic fibers can be recombined, which has the effect of tightening and rejuvenating the skin.

Summer, people’s skin is easy to lack of water, for you who love beauty, you must pay attention to moisturizing and hydrating, drinking more than one cup of boiling water every day, maintaining good skin, and being able to maintain a good mood.


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