What lotion is better for oily skin How to wash your face on oily skin

As we all know, the skin texture of different people is not the same, some people have dry skin, some people have oily skin. We need to choose the appropriate skin care products according to our skin type, so that we can really play the effect of skin care products. So everyone knows which lotion should be used by women with oily skin.

Which lotion is best for oily skin

1. Kose Sekkisei Emulsion

The whole series of Sekkisei is a reputation product of KOSE, with moisturizing and non-sticky high moisturizing effect, refreshing and comfortable use. The skin surface is refreshing, and the effect of medicinal whitening lotion penetrates deep into the stratum corneum, creating a plump, elastic and clear skin .

2. Ji Rui Qin Yang Moisturizing Lotion

Replenish moisture, create soft and supple skin, and solve dry and greasy skin caused by lack of water from the source. Moisturizing and fresh feeling, not sticky. Combined with excellent energy-locking ingredients, the skin is not easy to dry and greasy.

3. Muji Sensitive Skin Lotion

Gentle in nature, it uses grapefruit seed extract and purslane extract as natural moisturizing ingredients to restore moisture to dry skin. It can completely achieve the protective effect, avoid skin problems caused by dryness, and add grapefruit seed, purslane and other essences to give the skin moisturizing protection.

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Moisturizing lotion.

How to wash face for oily skin

1. Use warm water

Everyone with oily skin, you must pay attention to the water temperature when washing your face. The cold water is not enough to clean up, so don’t use it. Too hot water will expand your capillaries and cause more oil secretion, so you can’t use it, so it’s best The way is to use “warm water”.

2. Wash your face alternately with hot and cold

Although we say that you need to use warm water to clean the face, because warm water can open the pores of the face well, and will not damage the pores, after using it with the cleanser, you can use cold water to wash it again.

I believe that after reading this article, women with oily skin know what kind of lotion to choose, and you should pay attention to it when you buy it next time. In addition, women with oily skin are also particular about washing their faces. According to the methods given above, we can better protect the skin.

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