What is the best way to lose belly fat?

What is a good way to lose weight? Challenge to lose weight and share a few tips, you must not underestimate these tips, as long as you grasp these rising characteristics, you will be guaranteed to have a sexy belly soon.

  Slimming abdomen method 1 Continuous exercise for 30 minutes

  It usually takes 30 minutes of continuous exercise to start burning old accumulated fat. Fortunately, according to a Danish research report, “after exercising, you can burn fat for 6 hours.”

  Slim Belly Method 2 Integrate exercise into your “lifestyle and rest”, and maintain daily maintenance without losing weight!

  According to U.S. sports demographics, most people who incorporate exercise into their daily lives feel healthier and less stressed. It is recommended that everyone, especially busy office workers, wives and women, divide the daily routine into time periods: getting up, commuting, lunch break, home, showering, before going to bed, etc., and naturally integrate exercise into your daily routine, effectively sculpting your body, and eliminating fatigue. Nor will it be a burden to regular work. Slimming abdomen method 3 “3 pm to 6 pm” has the highest body temperature and the warmest muscles, which is the golden time for exercise!


  The most suitable time for exercising during the day is 3-6 pm, because at this time the physiological cycle rhythm buried in the hypothalamus is commanded, the body temperature is at the highest point, the muscles are the warmest and most elastic, the response is the fastest, the strength is the greatest, and the human body also The most awake, less injured, and the lowest pulse and blood pressure.

  But in the afternoon, most people have to work and go to school, so they can also choose to do exercises in the morning or evening. On the contrary, because 11:00 pm to 1:00 am every day is the time for liver detoxification, you should get enough sleep at this time, so as not to accumulate fatigue and toxins, you can restore vitality the next day!  

Slim Belly Method 4 Eat the right “burning nutrients” to help you eat fat!

  To achieve the effect of slimming and body sculpting, a two-pronged approach of “exercise + diet control” is necessary. In particular, in order to really reduce the accumulated fat, it must be “calorie consumption > calorie intake”, and 7,700 calories can be consumed to lose 1 kilogram; if you only rely on exercise or diet alone, you will never be able to catch up with fat accumulation and metabolism. The effect of rate aging. It is very important to suggest that you choose more foods that “can help burn fat”. For example, the following 4 types of ingredients, such as “high fiber, lipophilic, high fermentation, and warming”, can help you lose weight and lose weight.

  [ warming food ]

  Eating a moderate amount of spices and hot soup will help the body temperature rise slightly and promote blood flow metabolism, but it is advisable to choose appropriate, low-calorie, natural ingredients.

  [Highly fermented food]

  Fruits and vegetables are rich in “digestive enzymes”, which can be eaten raw to fully absorb nutrients, help gastrointestinal digestion, and will not overdraw “metabolic enzymes” to maintain fat-burning effects, such as pineapple, papaya, kiwi, pickles, etc.

  [ High Fiber Food ]

  Fresh fruits and vegetables such as asparagus, mung bean sprouts, lentils, etc., help gastrointestinal motility and eliminate stool.

  [ lipophilic food ]

  Frozen tofu, bitter gourd, and seaweed can absorb oil in the gastrointestinal tract and help drain oil.


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