What changes will occur in the body of people who have been exercising and fitness for a long time, once they stop?

People who insist on fitness, time will give you a better self, such as: obese people insist on fitness, the figure will slowly lose weight, people will become more and more confident.

Some people will stop exercising after slimming down, as long as a small number of people can integrate fitness into life and stick to it for a long time, and this process requires enough motivation and self-discipline to do it.

For most people, after losing weight, they stop exercising, so what will happen to such people’s bodies?

1, long-term fitness people, stop exercising means that the activity metabolism has declined, if you can control the diet, to ensure that the body’s calorie balance is in a balanced state, then the figure can be maintained, the weight will not rebound. If you stop working out, your diet is not well managed, and you eat and drink, then it is easy to regain weight.

That is to say, after stopping fitness exercises, we must manage our calorie intake in our diet, supervise our daily calorie intake, and measure our weight regularly, so as to reduce the problem of regaining weight.

2, long-term fitness people, lung capacity will slowly increase, exercise ability will gradually increase, your physical state will be stronger than peers, it will look more energetic.

And when you stop working out for a while, your cardiopulmonary function will slowly decline, your athletic ability will decline, and you will gradually restore the physical state of ordinary people.

3, long-term fitness of people, immunity will be improved, the body can resist more diseases, not easy to get sick, the body will secrete more dopamine, your mood is more optimistic and positive, anti-stress will be higher than ordinary people.

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However, after stopping fitness for a period of time, your immunity is not as good as when you work out, and your anti-stress will also decline, which is the difference between fitness and no fitness.

4, long-term fitness and adhere to strength training people, muscle dimensions and content will be improved, such people have higher basic metabolic value, can consume more calories per day, the figure will be more compact.

After stopping fitness for a period of time, the muscles will be degraded and lost without the stimulation of external forces, and the basal metabolic value will also decline, which is not conducive to creating a lean physique, and the proportion of the body is not as good as during the fitness period.

However, muscles have a memory function, and when you resume strength training, your body will also react quickly, and the speed and cycle of training muscle figure will be faster and shorter than those of people without strength training experience.


Whether it’s for people who lose weight or don’t lose weight, the benefits of sticking to fitness are many. If you start fitness training, it is recommended that you stick to it and don’t give up easily, so that you can practice a better body, and time will also let you meet a better self.


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