Weight loss experts: 5 fat loss secrets, let you lose more fat!

stomach, belly, lose weight
stomach, belly, lose weight

1. The daily intake of staple food should not exceed 200g, eat less refined staple food, control the glycemic coefficient, and eat some coarse grains appropriately to supplement dietary fiber and promote intestinal peristalsis.
2. Chew slowly, drink a glass of water before meals, eat 80% full, and don’t eat to support yourself;
3. Develop a good habit of exercise, exercise at least twice a week, which can strengthen your body and improve your body’s metabolic circulation;
4 . Soak your feet for 20 minutes before going to bed, you can relax your body, improve sleep quality, and a deep sleep state can improve your body’s metabolism;
5. 1,000 rope skipping exercises a day can quickly increase your heart rate and put your body into a fat-burning state. Sticking to skipping rope can build muscles. After training, the body will be at a high metabolic level and continue to consume calories, which will help to create a lean physique.


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