This spring and summer, these 3 pairs of shoes are enough

In fact, whether you’re single or not, a pair of stylish, comfortable shoes is a must-have to please yourself.

So how to choose new shoes for this spring and summer?

After browsing thousands of runway outfits and photos of trendy celebrity bloggers, I have summarized 3 of the hippest, most photogenic, and best-worn shoes of the moment.

Classic loafers that never go out of style

According to relevant statistics, a product or style from being accepted by the public and popular to having been popular takes at least half a year to five years. Brushing the mobile phone, it is not surprising that the Loaf shoes that have re-ignited in the past two years are still on the trend.

The general small round toe + thick heel style, coupled with the color of black pressure, it is inevitable to look a little stuffy, but after upgrading, the style of Loaf shoes can be said to be ever-changing. At present, the most photographed brands are Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Saint Laurent.

Matte satin, understated elegance, lacquered leather, cooler and more personal.
Diamond check, triangle logo, brand logo… 
The basic fit incorporates their own unique logo or classic elements, in short, each with its own characteristics.
In the latest season, Gucci debuted with its own pair of G Monograms, with a thick sole that guarantees comfort while allowing you to quietly increase your height. 
The large area of black and white color matching, which is conspicuous and attractive, belongs to the kind that will not become obsolete for several years.
Tod’s, which takes the quality route, has added an old metal logo decoration, which looks particularly weighty.
To meet the needs of different occasions, it not only out of the black and white brown different colors, and even out of the different heel height, let you hurry to commute or beauty shopping there are different options, the pressure to choose which one is now given to you ~

The most important thing to ignore is Versace, where various fluorescent colors can form a rainbow.

Roger Vivier is even more powerful, and has always been synonymous with gorgeous, romantic, and rich flowers on earth. This time, I actually added the classic diamond buckle to the shoes, good guys, this time wearing a couture dress, there are also the same style of Loafer shoes to match.

If you usually like a low-key, minimalist style, don’t worry. Simplifying the complexity, Jil Sander’s small square toe is the highlight, emphasizing the comfort of wearing, is the comfort that can be felt by the naked eye, Hailey Bieber also planted grass ~ ~

Shaped heel sandals

I don’t need to deliberately emphasize, I believe that you may have been brushed by the following pairs of strange-looking, cute and loving high-shoe sandals.

Candles, roses, soap, nail polish, broken eggs… Everything can become a heel, led by Loewe, the fashion circle can be regarded as rolling up the alien with this trend~

Secondly, this season’s Prada is also a big attraction, hollowed out heels, there is a kind of broken architectural beauty. M
y favorite color scheme is its highly saturated, bright but not dazzling red, orange, yellow… 
The lining skin is particularly white and tender.
And those that look like crooked kitten heels, light and delicate, as graceful as a tutted ballet dancer.

With this season’s “tail dress”, I have reason to suspect that the starting point of the design is not to step on the clothes?

Saint Laurent, the heel of the high heel is so thin that it feels like a needle, and it feels like anything can be punctured.

With black silk and suits, the models walked over with a cold face and no expression, with a domineering look, who did not dare to easily provoke.

Bottega Veneta is ingenious, unconventional elastic webbing material with tapered heel, incorporating sporty elements into high heels, and you are the most unique presence in the crowd

Moreover, I think this is likely to become a trend, Lost In Echo this season also produced a similar model, almost 2-3 thousand prices, is one of the domestic design and cost performance balance of one of the brands.

However, the hottest thing is this kind of exaggerated thick platform + rough heel combination, reminiscent of the grand situation of female stars 10 years ago.

Valentino, which has the highest rate of appearances, has swept across social networks.

And with the collocation, change a little bit, the style changes a lot. Wearing an A-line skirt is a rebellious student sister, and wearing black silk is a mature big sister. It doesn’t feel bulky, and it’s particularly steady and down-to-earth to wear anyway.

The second is versace, with a ring of rhinestones at the laces, like a necklace for the ankles.

At present, bloggers are also on the feet of this Nodaleto from the United Kingdom.

There are many styles, straps, diamonds, prints, as long as you can think of the elements of the style are all gathered 

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