these methods in mind so that you will not rebound after successful weight loss

1. During weight loss, the daily calorie intake cannot be less than 1000 kcal to ensure the basic operation needs of the body;
2, in order to reduce hunger and control appetite, we must use low-calorie, satiety food instead of poor satiety, high calorie food;
3, improve the amount of water to drink, drink 2L of water every day, can ensure the efficiency of body operation, alleviate the emergence of hunger;
4. Add strength training during weight loss, such as squat and push-up training twice a week, which can exercise the muscle groups of the body, improve the basic metabolic value, and create a lean physique;
5. Maintain fitness habits after weight loss success, do not stop exercising immediately, exercise more than 2 times a week, which can reduce the chance of rebound;
6, do not skip breakfast, breakfast is the key to opening the body’s metabolism. Drink a bottle of oat milk for breakfast, 0 sucrose low fat, wheat flavor is strong, full of fullness, and can also control the amount of lunch eaten. Friends in need, the link is below ↓↓

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