The things I know after losing weight, slim down healthily

When losing weight, have you taken many detours? Some things that you know after losing weight, you can take fewer detours after understanding, so that you can lose weight more healthily!

1, after losing weight, I know that it is not that the less you eat, the faster you lose weight.

Excessive dieting will lead the body into famine mode, the body will actively reduce calorie consumption, you will have hair loss, anemia, fatigue and other problems, muscles will also follow the loss, basal metabolic value will also decline, that is, you eat less while the body is also less consumed, easy fat physique will patronize you. When you resume a normal diet, your body will have a calorie surplus problem, which will only make you lose more and more weight.

People who lose weight should avoid excessive dieting, and to reasonably control calorie intake, during weight loss, your calorie intake can be reduced by 20% calories than usual, which can not only create a calorie gap for the body, but also not let the body fall into famine.

2, after losing weight, I know that controlling calorie intake does not mean starving yourself

During weight loss, we should learn to eat a healthy diet, and replace high-calorie, over-processed foods with low-calorie, lightly processed foods, so as to ensure the amount of food ingested and reduce the appearance of hunger.

For example: you can use boiled chicken breast instead of chicken steak, steamed sweet potatoes instead of braised potatoes, lean meat instead of pork belly, fat meat, eat less fine staple foods, and eat some coarse grains with longer satiety time and low sugar coefficient.

3, after losing weight, I know that the weight is not good, and the curve is good.

The simple pursuit of low weight, after slimming down may be a dry figure, curves lack of charm. If you want to have a bumpy curve after slimming down, we should not only do aerobic exercise, but also add anti-resistance training, so as to prevent muscle loss, strengthen the body muscle groups, and slim down the body line will be tighter.

Many muscular men, although the weight base exceeds the standard, but their body fat rate is low, the body line is tight, it is not easy to accumulate fat, and it will look better when wearing clothes.

4, after losing weight, I know the importance of strength training

Whether it is muscle gain or fat loss, you should pay attention to strength training, insisting on iron training will not make you become King Kong Barbie, but will increase the proportion of body, strengthen the basic metabolic value, and let you enjoy “sitting and thin”. Regular strength training is an effective way to help you increase your muscle content and build a lean physique.

Girls don’t have to be afraid of strength training, because The figure of King Kong Barbie is not so easy to practice. The regular iron training of ordinary girls can improve the efficiency of fat burning, and can also effectively increase the hip circumference, create the waist-hip-leg ratio that appears, and create a tight and beautiful back line.


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