The latest bread diet to lose weight quickly in a month

For people who lose weight, bread is always turned away. Actually, you don’t have to. As long as you eat bread skillfully, it is possible to lose ten pounds a month.

People always feel that it is easy to eat fat, but the dry bread oil is not much, and they can sponsor keep fit. In fact, trying to keep fit by eating bread is not a complete line, but it is necessary to understand the choice, because most of the bread is extremely high in fat content, more greasy than a bowl of flour noodles. Western-style bread is relatively healthy, but it is not available everywhere, fortunately, many bakeries have successively introduced new bread to ensure that the master can eat healthier.

  Hong Kong-style bread is rich in fat

For example, sausage buns, chicken tail buns, pineapple buns, etc., are all made of a large amount of oil, and most of them are lard, in order to make the bread softer, but cause saturated fat to increase. Because animal oils (such as butter and lard) are high in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, both cities raise the body’s cholesterol. Take the commonly eaten pineapple bun as an example, one contains about 386 calories, 17.2 grams of fat, eat 2 for lunch, higher than eating a box lunch card.

  The new pie bread is healthy enough

In recent years, the diet has been health-conscious, and in addition to a series of traditional breads, high-fiber bread has also entered the market. However, the selection of wheat bags must be careful, for example, some bakeries sell tweed wheat bags, which are not real wheat bags, they are nothing more than made of brown sugar, the color is similar but there is no wheat flavor. To pick a real whole wheat packet, pay attention to whether there is coarse grained grain wheat on the bread. In addition, pay attention to the filling of the wheat bun, it is best to pick dried fruits or nuts, the former is high in fiber, and the latter can strengthen the heart by eating more.

  Why choose healthy bread?

If you still don’t know what kind of bread is healthy, you will definitely understand the choice better after understanding the following 4 ends.

  1. Materials to be applied

High-fiber wheat bales have always been a healthier choice, and eating more can help dominate blood sugar concentrations, averaging about 120 calories per 100 grams. Bread made from grains and grains is the healthiest, and it is better to add other natural ingredients, such as lettuce, vegetables and fruits. Where the filling of the bread is comparable to greasy, try to choose as little as possible.

  2. Nutrition labeling

Some bakeries may list the calories and fats of the head signature to give consumers a choice. For example, if the calories of 100 grams of bread are less than 250 calories and the fat is less than 4.5 grams, it is bread that reduces calories and grease. If the calories are less than 40 calories and the fat is less than 3 grams, it is low-fat, low-calorie bread. If you are a bread that advertises high fiber, you need to have more than 6 grams of food fiber.

  3. Eating induction

Some claim to be healthy bread, spreading the word of using grains or natural materials, but still feel greasy or swollen after eating, want to drink water, the amount of sugar and oil is still high, and the natural materials advertised may only account for a small sector. You might as well put the bag you bought on a paper towel, and in a few minutes, if the paper is shiny, you will see that the bread is actually too oily.

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