The 8 eating habits that the coach will not tell you,and you can lose weight

belly, body, calories

1. The intake of staple food for each meal is one fist to ensure the needs of the body.
2, do not skip any meal, three meals regular, the body operation efficiency will be higher.

belly, body, calories

3, eat eight points full of rice, chewing slowly can slowly reduce the capacity of the stomach, so as to control the amount of food.
4, do not be afraid to eat meat, choose chicken breast, fish, shrimp, lean meat, to ensure a light approach, you can supplement protein, while controlling appetite.

5, all kinds of snacks, supper, afternoon tea to stay away, the calories are much higher than you think.
6, usually drinking, milk tea, cola, are a big killer of fat
7, it is necessary to eat more vegetables, but stay away from pseudo-vegetables such as peas, potatoes, and Huaishan, which can replace the high-carbon water foods that can be eaten as staple foods.
8, don’t skip breakfast anymore. A good breakfast can turn on the body’s metabolism, burn more calories in the morning, and control the amount of food eaten at lunch.
Breakfast can eat a boiled egg, drink a bottle of oat milk, oat milk dietary fiber is rich, as well as 0 sucrose, low fat characteristics, breakfast drink a bottle, full of fullness, adhere to 21 days to develop a good habit of eating breakfast. If you need friends, click below to get it ⬇️⬇️

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