Tell you the secrets and disadvantages of beer to shrink pores

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If facial pore enlargement is very affecting the state of the skin, so people will find various ways to play a role in shrinking pores, then beer shrinks pores has an effect? What are the drawbacks of beer shrinking pores?

Does beer have an effect on shrinking pores?

Beer contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, to improve muscle function, sound nervous system, etc. are good, while also has a good nourishing effect on the skin, the use of beer to shrink pores, its practical is the alcohol in beer, alcohol-containing lotion can remove excess oil and dirt in the pores to a certain extent, and converge pores to control oil secretion, more suitable for oily skin.

The drawbacks of beer shrinking pores

Although the method of beer skin care does not have any great harmfulness against the stratum corneum, beer is easy to stimulate the redness and tingling of the skin, which is true for healthy skin, not to mention how irritating the skin is after the people with weak stratum corneum are used. Beer skin care can effectively play a role in controlling water and oil, but on the other hand, after the use of dehydrated skin, there will be more problems with skin dehydration, so it is best to look after the specific conditions of your skin before use. Beer is a kind of alcohol, although the alcohol content is generally very small, but we can not ignore the direct irritation of alcohol to the skin. Therefore, this method is occasionally acceptable, and it is not good to use it regularly.

Beer shrinks pores

When washing your face in the morning, pour an appropriate amount of beer into the face wash, stir well, and gently massage the water with both hands on the face to promote absorption until the face is slightly red. Rinse afterwards with clean water.

How many days does it take for beer to shrink pores

Since the frequency of use of different methods of beer shrinking pores is different during the week, everyone can solve it on the ground according to the method they choose. Mask-type beer shrinks pores generally oily skin 2-3 times a week, neutral, dry this general skin type does not exceed twice a week. The external use method of the face wash and watering can category can be carried out every day of the week, but the actual daily frequency can be arranged according to your own needs.

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