Talk about weight loss experience

Talk about weight loss experience

After a long period of hard work, my body has undergone significant changes. Here I will share with you my weight loss experience, hoping to be a stepping stone on your way to weight loss.

1. The weight measured before breakfast is closer to our real weight value.

  2. The calorie formula refers to the relationship between calorie intake, consumption, and body weight. It is the only formula in the world that has been proven by scientific experiments to be instructive for weight loss:

  If the calorie intake > the calorie expenditure, the weight will increase.

  Calorie intake = calorie consumption, and the bodyweight keeps trending.

  If calorie intake < calorie consumption, body weight tends to decrease.

  3. You can also choose some suitable snacks during the fat period. In addition to choosing some healthy snacks (vegetables and fruits, unrefined grains, low-fat dairy products, nuts, etc.), eating some “unhealthy” snacks in moderation can also help us reduce the desire to eat and prevent overeating.

  4. What’s the use of beauty if you don’t love yourself? Only those who truly accept themselves will know how to make themselves better, and every pursuit will have more direction rather than blind obedience.

  5. To summarize the relationship between dieting and weight loss in one sentence, that is:

If you lose weight, you lose muscle; if you gain weight, you gain back fat!
The essence of weight loss is to lose excess fat, not simply to lose weight!
  6. From the perspective of sustainable weight loss and maintainable weight loss results, fast weight loss is not the key, but not rebounding is the key!

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