Obese people, do 5 “don’t”, weight loss of 10 pounds

lose weight, weight loss, belly

1, do not eat fruit meal replacement weight loss, you can use to eat an apple before the meal to enhance satiety, so as to control the amount of food eaten at the meal;

lose weight, weight loss, belly

2, do not sit still, every 1 hour of sitting up to move for 5 minutes, you can tiptoe, do push-ups, squat training, walk more than 8000 steps a day;
3. Do not stay up at night to sleep, improve the quality of sleep, and ensure that you sleep for 8 hours a day;
4, do not thirsty to drink water, take the initiative to drink water, drink more than 2L a day, can improve the level of body metabolism;

5, do not eat breakfast, a high-quality breakfast can open the body metabolism, consume more calories in the morning, lunch intake will also be controlled, help to lose weight.
Breakfast do not eat biscuits, fritters and other junk food, you can eat 2 pieces of whole wheat bread, drink a cup of soy milk, low calories, but also supplement protein and carb energy, so that you are healthy and thin.


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