Melasma is one of the simple removal methods

red-haired, cache, hair

Melasma is not unfamiliar to everyone, melasma is also a relatively common facial symptom, after the occurrence of melasma, the trouble caused to female friends is very large at the same time, it will also affect everyone’s appearance image, in fact, there are still many simple ways to remove melasma in life, so what are the simple removal methods of melasma?

red-haired, cache, hair
What are some simple ways to remove melasma

1, first of all, should try to find the cause of the disease. Melasma in pregnancy can gradually improve after childbirth, and melasma caused by chronic diseases of the female reproductive organs should be actively treated for the primary disease, and melasma caused by oral contraceptives or other drugs should be stopped taking such drugs.

Melasma usually resolves gradually when the cause is removed, but does not resolve immediately in the short term.

2, should avoid more ultraviolet radiation, it is best to wear a sun hat and sunglasses when going out, and apply sunscreen and sunscreen outside.

3. Pay attention to reasonable nutritional mixing, and appropriately supplement trace elements such as vitaminS, C, E and zinc.

4. Under the guidance of the doctor, some external drugs and internal drugs can be selected, and the external drugs include hydroquinone cream, kojic acid cream, licorice cream, retinoid cream and 2-hydroxy acid preparation.

5. Oral large amounts of vitamin C have a certain effect on the treatment of melasma, and the dose can be 1000-1500 mg / day.

6. Traditional Chinese medicine has a unique effect on the treatment of melasma. Proprietary Chinese medicine can choose Liuwei Dihuang Pill and Runaway Pill.

7. You can choose some suitable beauty cosmetics for temporary covering, such as concealer, foundation cream, etc.

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