Lose weight without being hungry, 6 major diet methods

belly, body, calories

1. Drink a cup of warm boiled water every 1-2 hours, and drink 2L of water per day;
2, change to a small bowl to eat, eat carefully and slowly swallow, eat eight points full of rice;

belly, body, calories

3, the amount of staple food for each meal is a fist, the combination of coarse and fine grains, the feeling of fullness will be stronger;
4, do not be afraid to eat meat, chicken breast, fish, lean meat, shrimp and crab are high protein food, each meal a palm of the portion, can balance dietary nutrition, reduce the probability of overeating;
5, dinner should be eaten early, quit supper, 4 hours before going to bed and no longer eat;
6, drink 2-3 cups of corn whisker tea every day, low calorie, strong aroma,

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