I want to lose weight without losing breasts

① Pay attention to your diet and do not over-diet

② Do more exercises to exercise the chest muscles

③ And at the same time with the exercise of abdomen and buttocks
 ? Must eat 4 kinds of weight loss food for breast enhancement and breast enhancement 

  [1] The most fun “tennis” with sweat

In recent years, more and more people like to play tennis. It seems to be a relatively intense sport, but it is actually very suitable for women to lose weight and increase breasts. Especially when we do the two movements of serve and stroke, the chest is fully opened, which can effectively exercise the muscles around the chest. And playing tennis for breast enhancement can keep your big breasts from shrinking for a lifetime!


  Like soy milk, natto is one of soy products, so you can also get soy isoflavones from it. Moreover, natto contains natto bacteria, which can promote the body’s absorption of soy isoflavones after ingestion, which is more effective for breast enhancement than eating soy! In addition, the shelf life of soybeans is relatively short, which can urge you to eat them as soon as possible, so that your breast enhancement plan will not be delayed!


  When it comes to weight loss fruits, bananas can be said to be the most popular choice. Eating bananas in the morning can not only promote detoxification, reduce satiety and lose weight, but also the strongest food for breast enhancement! And the morning is just a good time to eat bananas for breast enhancement. Just eating one banana can immediately regulate the balance of the endocrine system. If you insist on eating it frequently, your breasts will gradually become larger.

  【4】Soy milk

  The most recommended food for breast enhancement is soy milk. Soy milk is one of the foods made from soybeans, so it contains a lot of soy isoflavones, which are similar to estrogen in our body. Estrogen is very important to us, including breast development, skin beauty, hairdressing, menstrual cycle and so on. Especially drinking a cup of soy milk before going to bed can increase the secretion of growth hormone, which is very effective for breast enhancement!

  [5] “Breaststroke” to lose weight without reducing breasts

  When we swim, because we need to move our arms greatly, we are also doing chest expansion exercises. Especially in breaststroke, when you are in the water, the range of motion of the arm is larger, so that the muscles around the chest can be fully stimulated. In fact, butterfly swimming can also fully enhance breasts, but it is more difficult, and the easiest to master is breaststroke. Swimming is a whole-body exercise that combines weight loss and breast enhancement. If you want to lose weight and hold big breasts, you must swim more.


  The pomegranates are crystal clear, red and tender, and you can see that they are the gospel of women. Recently, they have become a diet food recommended by many nutritionists. After ingesting pomegranate, it can help you regulate the endocrine balance, make your complexion more rosy, smoother skin, and quickly restore physical strength and eliminate fatigue. Breast enhancement exercises that enhance the support of the breasts.

  [7] The easiest “Yoga”

  Men, women, young and old, whether it is for health preservation or weight loss and shaping, the most suitable one is yoga. Yoga has a variety of postures, and many of them are actions that have a direct effect on breast enhancement. While doing yoga, keep abdominal breathing and make the chest UP.

  Improve posture, heal injuries, prevent diseases, relax body and mind, lose weight and shape, breast enhancement and body enhancement… The effects of yoga are really countless, and from easy to difficult, you can choose different stages and difficulties, even beginners who don’t understand it at all. It’s easy to get started.
  POINT: Movements with more bounce are harmful to the shape of the chest

  Most of the breast enhancement exercises described above achieve breast enhancement by exercising the chest muscles to improve the supporting force. So what kind of exercise has no effect on breast enhancement? That’s some exercise that requires you to bounce a lot.

  For example, fast running, playing volleyball, playing basketball and other sports contain a lot of bouncing movements. Although they have a good fat-burning effect, the breasts contain the most fat. Once the fat is burned, the chest is the first to lose weight. Moreover, the bouncing action will make the chest violently shake down, and under the action of gravity, it is easy to cause the chest to sag or expand outward. Therefore, if you don’t want to deform your chest, you should properly control the above types of movements. It’s OK to do it occasionally. Try to do some gentle and effective movements.

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