How to whiten with white vinegar

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1, white vinegar spot tips one: white vinegar face washing method. The simplest, most convenient and cheapest white vinegar face wash method! As long as every morning and evening when washing your face, first put a small basin of water, and then pour a small amount (about two tablespoons) of white vinegar to mix well, pour into the face and gently pat, or simply immerse your face in vinegar for a few minutes (you can breathe, you must ~~). Then pour out the water and start the normal face wash routine. Insist on washing your face with water with white vinegar every day, you can whiten your skin, fade spots, reduce wrinkles, and soften your skin. Of course, the face washing procedure after washing the face with white vinegar can be used to remove freckles.

2, white vinegar freckles tips two: water + white vinegar + salt face wiping method. This is an upgraded version of the white vinegar face washing method, which is also quite simple, blending water, white vinegar, and salt together. The ratio of water, white vinegar, and salt is about 9:3:1, and when you are ready, put a clean towel in and soak it, and then rub it on your face, once in the morning and once in the evening.

White vinegar can be said to be a very common thing in life, did not expect that there is a powerful function of whitening, but this kind of thing is not omnipotent Oh, we must pay attention to the method when using it, otherwise we may encounter sequelae or something, then it will be more than worth the loss, the specific use of the method has been given, I hope you can adopt Oh.


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