how to get rid of body odor trick salt water

Having a fox smell is both a thing that makes us feel unconfident and at the same time annoying to the people around us. The pungent and unpleasant fox odor will seriously affect our work and life, and destroy our original good personal image. HuiXiang Qianjin Fang Ruohan talked with his friends today about the method of self-made deodorization, and how to go to the fox stinky little trick brine to work and other issues, I hope to help and inspire everyone.

1: 50 g of peach leaves, 50 g of pumpkin leaves, apply to the affected area after mashing, 2-4 times a day.

2: Rub externally with clean ginger slices, 2 times a day, each time in the axilla for about 5 minutes.

3: Stir-fry the salt and put it into a gauze bag, tie it while it is hot, and repeatedly rub the armpits for about 5 minutes, once a day for 5 days.

4: 3 grams of lime powder, mix well with an appropriate amount of aged vinegar, and apply to the affected area.

5. Grind an equal amount of tantric monks and cold water stones into a fine powder and rub them on the affected area of the armpits several times a day.

6: Slice the fresh yam and rub it under your armpits 1-2 times a day.

7: After bathing, add 100 ml of tomato juice in a basin of warm water, use two towels to clip in the two armpits, and keep for 15 minutes.

8: Grind 50 peppercorns and 12 cinnamon kernels together into a fine powder and apply to the armpits.

9, take 20 sun-dried mugwort leaves, then rub it finely, then add 20 grams of alum powder and 200 grams of salt, put them in a pot together and stir-fry and heat, when you take them out, remember to wrap them all up with gauze and clip them under the armpits for 5 minutes.

10. Take an appropriate amount of tea leaves, boil into strong tea water, and use a towel to dip and apply to the parts where the odor is emitted.

11: Put 3 grams of ice flakes into 20 ml of 50% alcohol, seal and let it dissolve by itself. Wash the armpits with soapy water, wipe dry and apply the solution twice a day for 10 days.

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