How to choose marmalade

jelly, marmalade, sweet

The composition of many sweets that are sold in Russian stores leaves much to be desired, and marmalade is no exception. However, it is possible to find worthy samples. In this article, I will talk about how you can determine the quality and level of marmalade, as well as list some brands that produce good marmalade.

jelly, marmalade, sweet

Types of marmalade

I will begin, perhaps, with a list of the main types of marmalade.

  • Ordinary / jelly – in the form of pieces sprinkled with sugar. The shape of these pieces is different, and there are a whole lot of tastes.
  • Slices – in the form of flat slices sprinkled with sugar. Usually this is an imitation of orange or lemon slices. They are stiffer/harder than classic jelly marmalade.
  • Chewing – as a rule, in the form of small pieces that are not sprinkled with sugar and differ in a specific consistency, chew longer (sometimes much longer) than ordinary jelly marmalade. Pieces can be made in the form of figures of animals, berries or some characters.
  • Plastic – marmalade, which is cut into large pieces in stores or sold in packages in a single piece, from which you can then cut small pieces. Sugar is not sprinkled. It is very rare in Russian retail.

In addition, sometimes marmalade is called a very thick jam – it is sold in jars and is used, in particular, for spreading on bread. Further in this article, this type of marmalade is not considered.

Quality assessment

The quality of marmalade should be evaluated primarily by composition. The main nuances are as follows:

  • In the composition of high-level marmalade there are no artificial colors, flavors identical to natural ones, as well as preservatives (with the exception of harmless types of citric acid – however, it is more often indicated as an acidity regulator).
  • It is worth adding that the preservative sodium citrate (E331) is considered harmless, so you should not be afraid of it (it is clearly better than, for example, sodium benzoate E211). On the other hand, some manufacturers of excellent marmalade do just fine without it. The same applies to sodium lactate (E325, it is a moisture-retaining agent), potassium citrate (E332). I’d say these aren’t supplements to be wary of.
  • Instead of artificial and identical to natural flavors, a good marmalade uses natural fruit and berry juices (usually reconstituted/concentrated), as well as fruit and berry purees.
  • In addition, in the composition of a good marmalade may be present pectin, gelatin, agar (these are gelling agents), molasses, sugar, granulated sugar, glucose syrup, sugar syrup, dextrose, dry egg protein, acidity regulators (citric and lactic acid), as well as natural dyes such as annatto, curcumin, chlorophyll, paprika extract. Chewing marmalade may contain milk fat, skimmed condensed milk, vegetable oil, moisture-retaining agent glycerin, white and yellow beeswax, carnauba wax, lecithin, carrageenan.

The appearance of marmalade with a good composition is very nondescript – such marmalade can be brownish and not particularly attractive. At the same time, its aroma and taste can be very convincing, good. On the other hand, the bright and expressive color of marmalade is not proof of the use of any harmful additives by the manufacturer.

Some brands of marmalade with a good composition

  • Tasteville – apple lump marmalade; sold in the stores of the network “Vkusvil”. It costs 60 rubles for a package weighing 250 grams. Pronounced and rich taste of apples / apple jam, very sweet.
  • Belevsky is a classic marmalade made of raspberries, black currants, cranberries, cherries, pears, apples and other ingredients. It is produced by at least three different companies, personally I tried the option from Belevskaya Pastila LLC – the taste was rich, natural. It is sold in supermarkets “Perekrestok”, as well as in “Platypus”, METRO Cash & Carry, “Globus Gourmet”, Spar, “O’Key”, “I Am Beloved” and on the It costs 145-190 rubles for a package weighing 260-280 grams or 215-260 rubles for a 390-gram package. On the site of and branded points of sale (the coordinates are on the same site) you can buy a box of Belevsky marmalade weighing 360 grams for 120 rubles, as well as fructose marmalade for 150-175 rubles / 140-160 grams.
  • Percussionist – under this brand is produced as mediocre marmalade, and more qualitative, with natural juices of lemon, grapefruit, orange and some other fruits and berries. This marmalade has sodium citrate E331 and sodium lactate E325, but they are considered safe for health. It is sold in the stores “Perekrestok”, “Platypus”, “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Auchan”. It costs 90-120 rubles for a can weighing 250 grams or 120-150 rubles for a package weighing 330 grams or 90-110 rubles for a box weighing 250 grams.
  • Kolomchanochka is an apple marmalade with a very good composition. You can buy in the “Platypus” at a price of 185 rubles for a 195-gram package.
  • Fruit-tella – despite the fact that I am skeptical of such brands, it is difficult to find fault with the composition of the fruit-tela gummread. It costs about 80-90 rubles for a 150-gram package and 40-55 rubles for a 70-gram package. It is sold in “Platypus”, “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Auchan”, on the
  • Luhders – expensive marmalade of German production, sold in the form of slices and pieces. It costs about 300 rubles for a 175-gram package. You can buy in the “Azbuka Vkusa”. Some variants contain potassium citrate, but it is a safe supplement.
  • Silagum is an expensive Italian-made marmalade with a good composition. It costs 365-470 rubles for a 500-gram package (chewing marmalade) or 330-490 rubles for a 200-gram package (ordinary / jelly). 
  • Vologda marmalade Antistress is a curious marmalade with herbal extracts (rosemary and oregano), the basis is cranberries, sea buckthorn, and chokeberry. It costs 120-130 rubles per pack of 270 grams. Can be bought at the Platypus.

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Probably, for completeness of the picture, it is worth mentioning the chewing marmalade Haribo from Hungary and Germany, which contains natural juices – however, there are also flavors, and which ones are not indicated. A 140-gram package costs 80-90 rubles, a 70-gram package costs from 55 rubles. You can buy this marmalade in “Platypus”, “Azbuka Vkusa”, “Perekrestka”, “Auchan”. Please note: this marmalade is harsh, it is quite difficult to chew it.

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