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Apples are sweet and crisp and delicious, both nutritious and delicious, which is our ideal fruit, but some apples are very sour and some are particularly sweet, so how to choose sweet and crispy apples? Today I will share with you a few tips for choosing apples for everyone to take away.

apple, red, hand
Tip one, when choosing to buy apples, you must first look at the fruit stems of the apples

Apples also have the distinction between male and female, the female apple refers to the apple’s fruit pedicle is particularly deep fruit, on the contrary, the male apple’s fruit pedicle is particularly shallow, the fruit peduncle is particularly shallow male apple, the general peel is relatively thick, it is more sour to eat, and the taste is not particularly good. However, the mother apple with a very deep apple fruit will taste very good and will be particularly sweet and crispy to eat, so when choosing an apple, we first look at the depth of the apple’s fruit pedicle.

In addition, if the fruit pedicle of the apple is light green, it is an apple that will not take too long to pick, that is to say, a fresh apple, and if the fruit pedicle is yellowish or blackened in color, this apple is an apple that has been plucked for a long time.

Tip two, when choosing to buy apples, look at the texture of the apple skin.

The lines on the apples are clearly recognizable one by one, and the colors are evenly distributed, the more the better, it looks a bit like the feeling of cracking, generally this apple is very delicious apple. If the apple grain is not uniform in color between red and yellow, the grain is scattered and messy, the taste of this kind of apple is generally not too good, the next time you buy an apple, you can’t help but look at the texture color of the apple skin.

Tip three, when buying apples, touch the skin of the apple with your hand

Apples are very interesting, with your hands touching the rough surface of the apple with pockmarks is often a good apple that is crisp and sweet, and the surface touches the smooth apple, which may be more sour, which is not afraid to pay attention when choosing apples.

Tip four, when buying apples, choose apples with enough water

When buying apples, apples of the same size, apples of the same size, we choose apples with heavier weight, this apple water is larger than light weight water, and it will be better to eat than light weight.

Tip five, buy apples, look at the shape of apples

Long, oddly shaped apples, generally not as good as long symmetrical apples.

Tip six, when buying apples, use your hands to try the apples soft and hard

Gently grasp the apple with your hand to try the softness and hardness of the apple, if it is too hard and uncooked, it will be sour to eat, the hand will try too soft then the apple is overcooked, the soft and hard apple is a crisp and sweet and delicious good apple, pay attention not to press the apple hard, or the boss who sells the apple can’t eat it! ,

Tip seven, choose apples to see the color of apples

When buying apples, gently play the apple with your hand, if there is a crisp echo, the apple is very crisp, look at the color, if the color is green and red, this apple is generally not used to cook the apple, a lot of moisture but the sweetness is not enough, generally will be a little sour.

Tips eight, when buying apples, pick up a light smell, if you emit a sweet apple fragrance, there is a feeling of can’t help but drool, this apple is delicious, if it smells very fruity, this apple is generally not ripe when picking, if it smells a little wine, it means that this apple is too thoroughly cooked, close to rot.

Well, this issue of small tricks is here, if you have better choice of Apple skills, don’t forget to leave a message to share, if this content is helpful to you, don’t forget to like, comment, plus retweet, thank you!

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