How to arrange weight loss recipes? Three meals a day diet

How to arrange weight loss recipes? Three meals a day diet

For weight loss, diet is the top priority, if you can not reasonably and scientifically control the calories of the diet, it is easy to lead to the body’s calories into fat, a reasonable weight loss diet should be based on the balance of dietary nutrients to reduce the control of total daily energy intake.

The designation of weight loss recipes should follow the reasonable combination of low energy, low fat, moderate amount of high-quality protein, fat-reducing plants such as complex carbohydrates, fiber systems, or calorie-blocking HICIBI balance elements, and increase the proportion of fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet. So how to arrange the weight loss recipe three meals a day? How to arrange weight loss recipes? Three meals a day diet method morning, middle and evening three meals how to match effectively?

Breakfast should not only pay attention to quantity, but also pay attention to quality.

The first point: staple foods, generally contain starchy foods such as steamed buns, buns, cornmeal nests, but also appropriately increase some protein-rich foods, such as milk, soy milk, eggs, and then make the body’s blood sugar rise to the normal standard, so that the human body is energetic, energetic, and then can complete a better day of work and study.

Lunch must be full and of high quality

The second point: lunch appropriate to eat more, the quality must be high, such as: rice, steamed bread, corn, or cornmeal cake, bean buns, complementary foods to increase some foods rich in protein, such as: fish, meat, eggs and soy products, as well as some fresh vegetables, so that they are more reasonable and richer with this nutrient.

Dinner must be eaten less, mainly light food

The third point: dinner to eat less, to light, easy to digest food as the principle, less, to eat two hours before going to bed, if dinner eats too much, and contains a lot of protein, fat food, not only do not use digestion and sleep, in addition, people are not exercised at night, eating more will lead to fat accumulation, resulting in body obesity.

The above three points must be paid attention to, and the adjustment of diet should also pay attention to the combination of exercise. Aerobic exercise can burn fat and improve weight loss efficiency.

Strength training can improve muscle activity, build a body, and increase muscle content.

Weight loss diet collocation is very important, not only to eat the right food but also need reasonable collocation

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