How many recognized weight loss methods have you learned?

1, quit all kinds of snacks, eat three meals regularly, eat eight points full of rice, each meal staple food is a fist, eat more high-fiber vegetables, a day’s calories will naturally be controlled;
2, not too hungry themselves, other times hungry can eat a boiled egg or apple, to avoid the problem of overeating;
3, learn to drink more water (1.5-2L), water is no calorie, will not make you fat. Drinking more water can inhibit hunger, accelerate the body’s metabolic cycle, and promote the decomposition of fat;
4. After work, you can walk for half an hour quickly, improve activity metabolism, walk for 20 minutes after meals and then sit down to rest, which can improve small belly;
5, pay attention to the body fat rate, do not only pay attention to weight. Body fat rate is the only measure of fat and thin, the standard body fat rate for boys is 15%-20%, the standard body fat rate for girls is 20%-24%, what is your body fat rate?

The following home fat scale, affordable, can measure the body fat rate value at home, and recommend a fitness plan that is suitable for you.

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