From a big belly to a small waist, only 6 tips

1. Use trivial time to exercise, get up early 100 squats, 20 as a group; 500 open-close jumps at night, 100 for a group, let you burn fat all day;
2, use warm boiled water instead of various drinks, drink 3 glasses of water in the morning, drink 3 glasses of water in the afternoon, drink 2 glasses of water at night, a cup of water 250ml, sufficient drinking water can avoid the emergence of false hunger, improve the body’s circulation and metabolism;
3, go to bed early, avoid supper, you can control calorie intake, sleep for 8 hours a day, can promote leptin secretion, improve fat metabolism level;
4, do not skip breakfast, fat loss breakfast can drink a cup of soy milk, with whole wheat bread, full of satiety, open the body metabolism;
5, regular three meals, avoid heavy taste diet; Avoid afternoon tea and eat an apple when you are hungry in the afternoon;
6, every day defecation, people with poor defecation, eat more high-fiber vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, dragon fruit, passion fruit, etc

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