Diet to lose weight, eat five nutrients, control calories and lose weight

What to eat to lose weight? This title is simply a top priority when it comes to dieting for weight loss. Eating the right foods can help you lose weight easily.  share the common sense of diet and weight loss, eat the right five nutrients to dominate the calories, don’t give up and don’t worry about obesity.

  The B vitamins

  Strengths: Improve metabolism

  Vitamin B group is related to the metabolism of the human body. Vitamin B1 can convert glucose into heat, B2 can improve the operation of protein, B3 and B5 are important components of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, and B6 can help protein metabolism. . In particular, people who often stay up late, are accustomed to drinking coffee, and like starches happily have a very obvious outcome; in addition, many people who diet to lose weight often encounter a period of restraint. The intake of vitamin B complex is a good nutrition for improving the metabolic rate of the body.

  The main source of vitamin B complex is whole grains, such as oats, potatoes, beans, buckwheat, corn, fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, brewer’s yeast… It is recommended to change the white bread in the diet to whole-wheat bread and white rice to brown rice. For example, eat whole-wheat steamed bread + soy milk for breakfast, and eat an egg for lunch, you can get rich vitamin B complex.

  2. Vitamin C

  Strengths: Accelerates fat burning

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  In addition to being a well-known anti-aging and skin-beautifying vitamin, vitamin C is also a “body vitamin”. Studies have pointed out that the content of vitamin C in the blood is directly related to the energy of the body to burn fat. The amount of vitamin C can affect the speed of fat oxidation and burning. .

  A study from the United States pointed out that people with high blood vitamin C concentration spend 30% more calories during exercise than those with low vitamin C concentration, and burn fat faster. In addition, vitamin C can also increase collagen formation. , so that during the weight loss process, the skin will not lose its elasticity and luster.

  Vitamin C exists in fruits and vegetables. Citrus, fresh fruit, guava, green peppers, cauliflower, cabbage, mung bean sprouts and bitter gourd are all foods high in vitamin C.

  3. High-quality protein

  Strengths: Burns calories fast

  People of similar weight and those with more muscle mass in their body will lose weight faster, because the ability of muscle to spend calories is seven times that of fat. Protein is also related to fat burning and carbohydrate metabolism, and is the raw material for natural muscle tissue.

  Dietitians suggest that for those who want to lose weight, breakfast must make up for high-quality protein, which can increase satiety and allow people to eat relatively less starch. The quarrel of protein depends on the content of amino acids. The type and content of amino acids are close to the human body. Because they are easy to receive and operate, they are called high-quality protein. Fish, milk, soybeans, and beef are all sources of high-quality protein. To improve the human body’s ability to manipulate protein, in addition to choosing high-quality protein, it is necessary to avoid long-term processing and high-temperature cooking. ) are all methods of normal protein reception.

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