What lotion is better for oily skin How to wash your face on oily skin

As we all know, the skin texture of different people is not the same, some people have dry skin, some people have oily skin. We need to choose the ...

How to whiten with white vinegar

1, white vinegar spot tips one: white vinegar face washing method. The simplest, most convenient and cheapest white vinegar face wash method! As long as every ...

how to get rid of body odor trick salt water

Having a fox smell is both a thing that makes us feel unconfident and at the same time annoying to the people around us. The pungent and unpleasant fox odor ...

What to do with overly oily skin in summer

What should I do with overly greasy skin in summer? Summer days are hot, hot life, reach out and touch your forehead, in addition to sweat, there is also a ...

Melasma is one of the simple removal methods

Melasma is not unfamiliar to everyone, melasma is also a relatively common facial symptom, after the occurrence of melasma, the trouble caused to female ...

What method whitening effect is the fastest Whitening what can be eaten

Usually people with dull skin will make people look unenergetic, resulting in a great reduction in appearance, so whitening is very important, so what method ...

How to remove the blackhead of the nose is the most effective

1.It is best to use unused table salt, which can be packed separately in small bottles when just opened; 2. Mix 4 to 5 drops of milk with salt each ...

Tell you the secrets and disadvantages of beer to shrink pores

If facial pore enlargement is very affecting the state of the skin, so people will find various ways to play a role in shrinking pores, then beer shrinks ...

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