Apple Diet Fair Diet is the healthiest otherwise prone to rebound

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For people who lose weight, rapid slimming is the need of many people, so what is the ability to reach an efficient slimming policy? The following will tell you a set of weight loss recipes, sponsor the master to quickly slim down and lose weight, so that you can experience the efficient weight loss speed that has never been seen before, then take a look at the three-day apple diet meal.

apple, fruit, food

The favorite of girls who do not like to move: “Three-day apple meal”

  Is it really good to lose weight?

In the era of weight loss, only eat apples every day, eat them according to the normal eating time of morning, middle and evening, or eat when you are hungry, until you are full. Do not eat other foods for 3 days. If you feel thirsty, you can drink boiled water and some non-irritating tea. Tried for a few days and ended up well.

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If you want to lose weight, you must presuppose a healthy and balanced diet. It is recommended not to blindly trust the collection of weight loss methods that lose more than a dozen pounds in a few days introduced, and these slimming methods that have seen the impact are very idle and rebound. To be properly moved, more tempering is a good way for women to stick to their posture.

For most people, weight loss is only a near-term policy, not the final result, and it is necessary to implement it later. Weight loss methods should also vary from person to person, and the feet should be strong. For example, on a certain day of the week, you can not eat staple foods, but you should drink some liquid foods such as oatmeal porridge to ensure adequate grain intake, so as to improve the normal reception of the stomach and intestines. However, this method of weight loss should be carried out with the assistance of a doctor.

  Don’t be blind: apple meal weight loss damage stomach also rebounded

This three-day apple diet, do not eat three meals, only eat apples, drink honey water, eat cucumbers, of course, can lose weight quickly. However, after three days, there is a very idle rebound, and only eating apples to consume very few calories, which will lead to nutritional loss and imbalance, and infringe on the health of the body. In addition, eating apples in large quantities can cause stomach pain, stomach bloating, stomach acid, etc.

From the perspective of nutrition, the three-day apple diet reduces only water, visceral egg white and glycogen, not body fat ratio, so this method cannot achieve the final fate of weight loss. Because apples are not high in calories, they last for three days, which is not suitable for some people who have their own diseases, such as patients with low blood sugar, as well as developing adolescents and elderly and frail elderly people.

Weight loss depends on whether a small ego’s body fat ratio, that is, BMI (height mass index, the value of which can be used to calculate whether it is overweight) is normal, if it is within the normal scale, there is no need to resolve to lose weight.

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