A girl who has been picking iron for a long time, will it become “King Kong Barbie”?

When you are working out, which sports will you choose to start with?

Most girls will choose aerobic exercise and ignore strength training, they think that iron training is something that boys do, girls should do yoga, aerobics or go for a run, if you think the same thing is very wrong.

Whether boys or girls, fitness can not ignore strength training, long-term resistance training, people can reap more benefits.

Why do girls train iron? Let’s take a look at the benefits of long-term iron picking:

1, iron training can enhance the muscle dimension, thereby improving the basic metabolic value, so that you consume more calories every day, help to create a lean physique, away from obesity.

2, iron training can improve the proportion of the body, help you create a full hips, tight back line, clear vest line figure, these are aerobic exercise can not do.

3, iron training can improve the strength level, improve the image of the weak wind, can easily carry rice bags, suitcases, weights as light, you get rid of the thin Lin Daiyu image, look healthier, more energetic.

4. Iron training can promote blood circulation, improve blood sugar elasticity, activate body muscles, improve chest hunchback, muscle strain problems, improve sub-health diseases, and also shape a straight posture to enhance their temperament and image.

5, iron training can prevent muscle loss, muscles can protect bones and organs, reduce the damage of external forces, immunity will be stronger, but also reduce the risk of fracture and looseness, so that you remain young.

6, iron training can increase muscle content, muscles can effectively support the skin, prevent skin laxity problems, the skin will remain relatively tight, you look more frozen age.

What is the curve of a girl who has been picking iron for a long time, will she become “King Kong Barbie”?

Iron training does not make girls into King Kong Barbie, because large muscle blocks are not so easy to practice. The weight-bearing level and testosterone level of girls are far inferior to those of boys, so it is dozens of times more difficult to train large muscle blocks than boys.

In the gym, it’s almost impossible to see boys, let alone girls, with big muscle blocks. With the increase of age, our muscle mass will show a trend of loss, the basal metabolic value will slowly decline, and the figure is prone to obesity.

Iron training can effectively prevent muscle loss, help you retain muscles, prevent obesity, effectively increase the proportion of body shape, and improve the charm index. So, girls can rest assured that they will pick up the iron.

Finally, let’s take a look at the curve of the girl’s body for a long time?

We can see that there is no extra flesh on the iron girl’s body, but the curves are bumpy and convex, which looks very charming. Seeing this, haven’t you turned on iron training yet?


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