7 suggestions to keep the body burning fat:

stomach, belly, lose weight
stomach, belly, lose weight

1. Eat three meals regularly, slow down the speed of eating, a meal of more than 20 minutes, and eat 80% full;
2. Cook three meals by yourself, do not eat takeout, bring rice At work, the combination of three parts of meat and seven parts of vegetables;
3. Quit snacks, desserts, milk tea, refuse all kinds of afternoon tea and late-night snacks, and only eat three meals;
4. Actively drink water, don’t drink water when you are thirsty, Add more than 2L of water every day;
5. Eat fruit before meals, only eat apples, cherry tomatoes, oranges, dragon fruit, kiwi fruit and other weight-loss fruits.
6. Actively exercise, exercise for more than half an hour every day, and choose any sports you are interested in.
7. Measure body fat rate every day and monitor body changes. Only by losing fat without losing muscle can you really lose weight. The body fat rate of girls should be controlled below 24%, and the body fat rate of boys should be controlled below 20%, so the figure is the standard.
In addition to measuring body weight, the following body fat scale can also measure your own fat, muscle, water, bone and skeletal muscle content, allowing you to scientifically understand your physical condition.


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