6 Fat Burning Tips to Reduce Your Body Fat Percentage by 5%

physiotherapy, weight training, dumbbells

1, a toilet every day, timely discharge of waste in the body, the body can operate more efficiently;
2, drink 10 glasses of water a day, a glass of water 200ml, can suppress hunger;
3. Eat early for dinner, do not eat after 18:00 at night, and stay away from supper;

physiotherapy, weight training, dumbbells

4, one day a week light fasting, this day do not eat staple food, do not eat meat, only eat apples and boiled eggs;
5. Carry out 10 minutes of opening and closing jumps every day, 2-3 minutes in a group, and the body will maintain a continuous fat burning state after training;
6, eat breakfast on time, eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread for breakfast, instead of fritters, buns, fried powder, whole wheat bread has a strong sense of fullness, low calories, can make the body officially run.

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