5 weight loss tips

5 weight loss tips: 3 stick to it, 2 don’t, let the weight drop by more than 10 pounds!
3 persistences:
1. Insist on exercising every day, such as: brisk walking for 1 hour, opening and closing jumping for 10 minutes or jogging for half an hour to improve the body’s calorie consumption;
2, adhere to the fine chewing and slow swallowing, eat eight points full of rice, can effectively reduce the stomach capacity, control calorie intake, unconsciously slim down;
3. Insist on going to bed early and not staying up late, and ensure 8 hours of sleep every day, which can promote leptin secretion and improve the level of metabolism in the body.
2 Don’t:
1, do not drink water when you are thirsty, but take the initiative to drink water.
Adequate drinking water can promote the body’s metabolic circulation, but also control the amount of food eaten, to avoid thirsty “false hunger” feelings.
2, do not skip breakfast.
Eating a good breakfast can turn on the body’s metabolism. People who do not eat breakfast are prone to hunger, affecting work efficiency, and lunch is also easy to overeat, which is not conducive to weight loss.


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