5 ways to keep your mouth shut so you can slowly slim down

Good body is everyone’s pursuit, but slim body is not something that everyone can have.

Obesity is a problem that modern people are prone to appear, the development of modern society, our economic level has gradually improved, transportation has become developed, there are various means of transportation to go out, and the amount of daily exercise has plummeted. The intake of various delicacies can easily lead to excess calories, and the figure will gradually gain weight.

To maintain a good figure, we need to keep our mouth shut, open our legs, and increase the body’s calorie gap in order to promote the decline in body fat rate.

Many people feel that they can’t control their mouths, always want to eat a variety of food, even if they make up their minds to control the diet, but after a few days, the appetite will become exuberant, easy to overeat, and weight loss efforts will be wasted.

How can we control our mouths, control calorie intake, and avoid the problem of overeating? Learn these methods:

1, eat three meals regularly, do not eat various snacks

Weight loss does not mean excessive dieting, low calorie intake patterns will make the body into famine, after a period of time your appetite will be greatly opened, the body will release the instructions to eat, you are prone to overeating.

People who lose weight, you have to quit a variety of high-calorie, over-processed junk food, learn to eat three meals regularly, three meals to eat more high-fiber, low-calorie, satiety food, so as to ensure the intake of food, without hunger can also control calorie intake, so that you slowly lose weight.

2, chew carefully and swallow slowly, eat eight points full of rice

We take time from eating to the body to receive satiety signals, generally take about 20 minutes, gobble up, eat too fast easy to overeat, support the stomach capacity, is not conducive to weight loss.

The eating speed of chewing slowly, a meal of about 20 minutes, can allow you to receive satiety signals in time, stop eating, and help control the amount of food. And when eating, do not eat to support yourself, keep the meal to eat eight points full of state, can effectively control the stomach capacity, let you slowly lose weight.

3. Control the intake of staple foods

To lose weight, do not eat staple foods, but reasonably control the intake of staple foods. Staple foods are rich in carbohydrates, which can provide metabolic power to the body, and it is recommended that the intake of staple foods for each meal is a fist of weight.

The choice of staple foods can be combined with coarse and fine grains, such as collecting some rice, steamed buns, and eating some brown rice, oats, barley, sweet potatoes, and beans, which can prolong the satiety time, but also slow down the rise of blood sugar, and help inhibit the accumulation of fat.

4: Drink a glass of water before eating

Water is calorie-free, and drinking more water can accelerate the body’s metabolic cycle and control the desire to eat. Drinking water before meals can reduce hunger, replenish the water needed by the body, and effectively control the amount of food eaten at meals, which helps to lose weight.

Eat a cheating meal once every 5 or 2 weeks

When you carry out fat-loss catering for a long time, it is appropriate to enjoy indulgent meals for yourself, and indulgent meals can eat the food you like to eat, which can satisfy your appetite and make you more motivated to stick to it in the next weight loss plan, and it is not easy to break the vows.

However, the cheating meal can not eat too often, maintain the frequency of 2 weeks, the deception meal is best eaten at lunch, do not eat at dinner, other times to implement the fat loss meal plan, so as to ensure the weight loss effect.


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