5 fat burning methods, and lost 10 pounds in a month

food, diet, keto

1. Jog for 40-60 minutes a day, or perform aerobic exercises for 1 hour, resting 1-2 days a week.
2. Eat breakfast on time, bring your own food for lunch, and finish dinner before 19:00.

food, diet, keto

3. The intake of staple food for each meal is one fist, and there is one meal per day to eat coarse grains.
4, the daily intake of vegetables is more than 500g, and different vegetables are eaten in turn.
5, drink 10 cups of warm boiled water (200ml / cup) a day, you can drink a cup of black coffee after meals.
Black coffee has a low calorie profile, which can help you increase your heart rate and strengthen your metabolic levels.

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