5 behaviors that your body will continue to burn fat and lose weight

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Many fat people find that it is easy to gain weight, but difficult to lose weight. Why is this

Losing weight requires enough perseverance. Most fat people have been in their comfort zone for a long time. If they want to make changes, it is difficult to maintain the self-discipline of diet and exercise habits

diet, food, healthy

The body’s fat has a memory function, and the metabolic cycle of fat is about 3-6 months. If your weight loss cycle is too short, then the fat cells still remember the original body and weight, and the body is easy to gain weight.

If you want to lose weight, you need to work hard, increase the body’s calorie deficit, and maintain a strong metabolic level in order to increase the success rate of weight loss.

We need to change the bad habits of life and develop some good habits of burning fat in order to increase the body’s calorie deficit and lose excess fat on the body. After losing weight successfully, you must maintain enough self-discipline to avoid gaining weight again.

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How can I slowly lose weight without starving? Adhere to these behaviors during the day, so that your body will continue to burn fat and lose weight!

1. Be sure to drink more water. Water has no calories. Drinking more water can ensure the body’s metabolic cycle. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to drink water, let alone drink all kinds of beverages.

We should drink a glass of warm water after getting up to nourish the stomach and dilute the blood concentration. Drink a large glass of water before meals to control appetite and food intake. Drink a large glass of water every 1 hour to unclog your bowels and promote waste removal.

2. Don’t eat to support yourself, three meals should be regular, and don’t skip any meal, which can reduce gastrointestinal diseases and maintain gastrointestinal health.

When eating, we learn to slow down the speed of eating, chew slowly, keep the meal full, and take a lunch break after 20 minutes of exercise to avoid the appearance of belly.

3. Refuse all kinds of afternoon tea, especially all kinds of milk tea, fried chicken, potato chips, these are high-calorie foods that cannot be eaten, which will increase the burden on the body.

When we are hungry in the afternoon, we can eat a cucumber or an apple to satisfy our hunger, which can avoid taking in excess calories and replenish our body with energy.

4. After work, walk for half an hour before taking a ride . We should use the trivial time to move, which can improve activity and metabolism, improve sub-health diseases, and improve the flexibility of limbs.

When getting off work, let’s not rush to get a ride first, but take a quick walk for a while, which can make you burn more calories unconsciously.

5. Avoid sitting for a long time. When working during the day, we sit for 1 hour and get up and move for 10 minutes. We can do squat and push-up training. Doing some anaerobic exercise properly can activate the body muscles, prevent muscle loss and promote blood circulation. Circulation, effectively improve the body’s basal metabolic value, and help to create a lean physique.


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