4 ways to let you lose fat without losing muscle

1. Add strength training when exercising, such as push-ups, squats, bench presses, hard pulls and other actions to exercise body muscle groups, improve the basic metabolic value of the body, and shape excellent body proportions;
2, while controlling calorie intake, it is necessary to supplement protein, such as eggs, chicken breast, fish, milk and other foods, to supplement amino acids to the body, help you reduce the chance of overeating, and supplement nutrition to muscles;

3, drink more water, water is no calorie, can promote waste discharge, accelerate body metabolism, help the body’s repair, promote the decomposition of fat. It is recommended to quit drinking and drink more than 2L of water every day;
4, eat some coarse grains, coarse grains can add carbohydrates and dietary fiber to the body, the satiety time is longer, the glycemic coefficient is slow, and the metabolic power of the body is maintained, so that you can be healthy and thin.

Breakfast can eat 2 slices of whole wheat bread, with eggs and soy milk, this is a high-quality breakfast, let you feel full, lunch intake will also be controlled, but also wake up the body metabolism, improve work efficiency.


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