4 major fruit weight loss recipes make you lose weight

4 major fruit weight loss recipes make you lose weight

In the weight-loss method, the food that is matched with weight loss is very important. Fruits are a good recipe for weight loss, but not all fruits are helpful for weight loss. In the process of losing weight, you should choose fruits that can lose weight, and then cooperate with weight loss vegetables and staple food. , I believe you will be so thin that you can’t stop! The following challenge the thin editor to introduce to you the king of several weight loss fruits.

1. banana Bananas are quite effective for weight loss because they are low in calories and rich in dietary fiber. Bananas are very sweet, so people think that the calories must be high, but it is not true. The calories of a banana (about 100 grams net) are only 87 calories, compared with the amount of rice (150 grams, 220 calories) in one meal. , about half as low in calories. 

2. apple Apples are low-calorie, high-nutrition fruits, and because of this, many people use them as a weight-loss meal. We know that apple meal is much lower in calories compared with ordinary meals, so it is conducive to weight loss. However, in the long run, if you eat apple meals for a long time, it will lead to a nutritional imbalance in the body, and once you stop eating apple meals, your weight will slowly recover. 

3. Pear Eating raw pears can achieve the ideal effect of rapid weight loss. Pears are rich in cellulose and multivitamins. Eating a crisp and juicy pear can not only increase people’s sense of fullness; since a pear contains only 50 calories, it can also meet the purpose of weight loss!

 4. lemon
 The calories of lemon are 35 calories/100 grams, and lemon juice has always been recognized as a slimming drink by MM. It can relax and soften blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, and improve gastrointestinal digestion. In this way, the excess subcutaneous fat accumulated in the body can be eliminated and the purpose of weight loss can be achieved. In addition to losing weight, lemons can also be used for beauty. In 2500 BC, aristocratic women in the Kingdom of Babylon used lemon juice for beauty. They make lemon into a cream, apply it to the hair and face, make the hair soft and shiny, and the face is delicate and tender. It is still popular today in Japan and Southeast Asia. Fresh lemon with sugar, rock sugar, or honey, drink every day, can make the face white, tender, and shiny, can prevent freckles and blood spots, and also has a certain effect on the treatment of a dental abscess.  In addition, the editor of Challenge Thin reminds everyone that MMs can’t just take fruits as their meals. Although fruit is rich in nutrients, it is also regarded as the most popular food for weight loss. However, some fruits contain high sugar content. If you take fruit as a main meal, if you consume too much sugar, it will be converted into fat, which will definitely affect weight loss. plans are affected. Therefore, everyone should choose fruits reasonably and match the staple food reasonably.

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