3 methods of breast enlargement are fast and effective

How to enlarge breasts the fastest and most effective Three methods of breast enlargement are fast and effective

Massage breast enhancement

FREE Massage breast enhancement

Because there is basically no muscle tissue inside the chest, some chest exercises will not promote breast enlargement, but will reduce fat and make breasts smaller. Be sure to choose a reasonable exercise, which can promote blood circulation and strengthen metabolism, which is very helpful for the shaping of the chest.

  Proceed as follows:

  1. After taking a bath, apply an appropriate amount of breast care products such as natural breast enhancement cream on the chest, surround the lower bust with the tiger’s mouth with both hands, and push from the outside to the inside.

  2. Use your finger pulp to pat and slide upward from the lower circumference of the chest to the upper chest and neck, and repeat several times.

  3. Alternately use the pulp of the four fingers with both hands, rhythmically tap on the lower chest circumference from bottom to top.

  4. Place the tiger’s mouth with both hands on both sides of the breast, and squeeze and press it forward.

  5. Using the side of the pulp of the little finger, press repeatedly on the outside, below, and inside of the chest.

sports breast enhancement

sports breast enhancement

Pulling exercise:

  1. Standing or sitting.

  2. Put the arms on both sides of the body and slowly lift them to the sides until they reach the height between the head and shoulders, and then slowly lift them forward.

  3. Stop when the two arms are about to touch;

  4. Separate the arms, restore and relax the muscles and repeat 5 times. Flexion movement.

  The flexion and extension exercise is very similar to the traditional push-up, which is to do the action of bending the arms and elbows on the parallel bars, the body is lowered as much as possible, the chest muscles are fully elongated, and then the force is supported. Push forward motion.

  1. After sitting, stretch your arms forward and bend your elbows.

  2. Hold your hands together and push forward hard, count from 1 to 6, then relax your hands.

  3, can be done several times in a row.

Papaya Breast Enhancement

Papaya Breast Enhancement

Papaya is indeed rich in papain enzymes, which can break down proteins, sugars and fats. At the same time, the rich papain enzymes in papaya are very helpful to the development of mammary glands, which can stimulate the secretion of female hormones and promote the smooth flow of mammary glands, so as to achieve the purpose of breast enhancement. But eating papaya raw can only backfire. From the perspective of diet, the ancients mainly used papaya to treat uric acid. As for the treatment of postpartum milk reduction and breast enhancement, papaya enzymes were used to open the spleen and strengthen the stomach, clear milk, and increase breasts.

  The nutritionist said that papaya is flat and cool. Therefore, if you want to enlarge your breasts, the correct way is to eat the papaya after stewing, so as to avoid the breasts becoming flattered.

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3 methods of breast enlargement are fast and effective
3 methods of breast enlargement are fast and effective
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