10 reasons to lose weight

weight loss, tape measure, woman
weight loss, tape measure, woman

 I went to the bookstore a few days ago and saw a book about weight loss. I flipped through a few pages, and there was a paragraph in it that impressed me deeply. He said to list ten reasons why you want to lose weight to see if you really want to lose weight. How determined. I thought about it and tried to list as follows:

1. I can get my self-confidence back.

   2. You can go upstairs without gasping for breath.

   3. You don’t have to wear oversized clothes forever.

   4. No need for my son to call me “fat mom” or my husband to call me “little fat pig.”

   5. You don’t have to feel inferior because of being fat in front of your family and friends.

   6. You can live a beautiful and healthy life without getting sick.

   7. You can ask my husband to back and hug me at any time.

   8. Can wear that short skirt I’ve always wanted to wear in summer.

   9. You can feel uncomfortable when you squat down.

   10. You don’t have to listen to others saying ‘this dress doesn’t suit you’ (you can buy whatever I want to wear)


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